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Lancaster Lightning YTC is an official 501C Tax Exempt Charity.
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The Tri-City Charities Foundation empowered by the Lancaster Lightning Youth provides a means to attract and guide funds to new and innovative Athletic programs with an emphasis on providing opportunities for youth athletes, emerging elite athletes and anti-doping education. The Foundation depends on donation from generous fans of Youth Athletics. Tri-City Charities Foundation is dedicated to making sure no child will be left behind.

The Tri-City Charities Foundation empowered by Lancaster Lightning is a new program spearheaded by Larry Brown Former Super Bowl MVP of the Dallas Cowboys. Larry is very active in the community being a positive image to today’s youth. Tri-City Charities goal is raise money for the Southwestern Association which consists of all of North Texas, and west as far as Abilene, and East to the Louisiana border.

The foundation will utilize our community outreach programs and youth events to introduce our zero tolerance program messages via presentations from positive role model like Larry as well as other professional athletes past and present.
Youth programs are the number one Junior High and High School participation programs in the USA. The need to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle for America’s Youth has never been more compelling.

The Foundations seeks to support the expansion of worthwhile local youth programs. One of our many goals would be to promote physical fitness and Education while introducing them to the various aspects of Youth Athletics and to develop self-esteem through success oriented activities.

The Foundation will provide a Tri-City Travel Grant Program. Grant money can be used to offset expenses for travel throughout the US or abroad for various youth events. The grants will also be used for housing, training cost, Coaching, Tutoring, travel to competition and will provide health insurance to those who need it.

The additional revenue generated by the foundation will help expand existing programs and create innovative new ones. Our goal is to raise Five Hundred Thousand dollars ($500,000.00). Additionally, the foundations will assist all youth involved as they pursue their dreams.

Please come out and join us in supporting this worthy cause in growing and supporting our youth for they are our future. Your involvement will make a difference. With a tax-deductible gift of $1000, $500, $100, $50 or the most generous gift you can afford, you will become a valued partner in the Tri-City Charities Foundation’s efforts to provide competitive opportunities for youth and promote a healthy lifestyle. Donations to the Tri-City Charities Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are tax deductible.

Please make all contributions payable to The Lancaster Lightning Youth Track Club.

If you have any question, Please contact Terry Caro @ 972 218-7623, Larry Brown @ 817 723-5601 Sterling Starks @ 469 569-5244, John Boleware @ 214 315-4441

Thank you kindly for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Terry D. Caro
Executive Director


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